Woven Pestamel

Pestamel the Turkish word for hamam towel (Turkish bath towel).  It is a flat woven piece of material roughly 85 x 170cm.   Although in the west we do not appreciate the hamam culture, nor do we have easy access to hamams, flat-woven pestamel are wonderful travel, sports, sauna and beach towels. They pack light and stay light when wet and dry quickly.  

The best part about flat-woven pestamel though, is that they can be worn as scarves, used as table clothes, curtains, blankets and throws.  They are beautiful pieces of materials that have uses only limited by your imagination.

At Jennifer's Hamam, all of our pestamel are woven on old-style looms by some of the last remaining weavers in the country. We only use natural fibres all sourced in Turkey, including  100% GOTS organic certified cotton, linen and hand reeled/hand spun silk.