Woven Silk

A few exclusive pieces

 Silk is a natural protein fibre that has a history dating as far back as 3500 BC.  Originally only for royalty, it soon became an important item of trade.  Its ability to refract light, creating a shimmering effect made it the choice for the construction of beautiful articles of clothing.  Beyond it's beauty, silk is one of the strongest natural fibers available; due to its absorbency it makes it comfortable to wear in warm weather and during activity; its low conductivity keeps warm air next to the skin during cold weather.

Jennifer's Hamam is proud to support the tradition of silk,  working with the last family in Turkey who is raising silk worms, reeling and spinning by hand, dying and weaving silk for textiles.  

Due to the creation of cheaper, synthetic fibers, silk is slowly losing disappearing.  As hard as they try though, the properties and benefits of high quality silk cannot be reproduced in a lab.  Those who are aware of its qualities search for silk. 

In Turkey, as in other silk producing countries, the hand reeling and spinning is an all but lost art; it is our aim at Jennifer's Hamam to help save this art and provide our clients with the best silk products including pestamel, scarves and fabric by the meter.