Woven Towels

A towel is thicker than a pestamel; before steve The Ottoman weavers invented the 'looping' technique on the loom and revolutionized our idea of what a towel  Today, 99.9% of the towels made around the world are made on shuttleLESS factory machines.  They last approximately 5-7 years and are usually made with non-organic cotton or even worse, non-natural materials like acrylic, viscose and polyester fibres.  

Jennifer's Hamam Towels

At Jennifer's Hamam, we only sell towels woven on old-style looms with shuttles.  

The strength and integrity of a woven towel made on a loom with loops is far superior to its small or big factory distant cousin.

Your loomed towel will last a minimum of 20+ years using a dryer and 30+ years if they are hung to dry.  

We use only the top quality, GOTS certified organic Turkish cotton, linen and silk. 

There are two families of weavers left in Turkey who still know how to do this looping technique on old-style shuttled looms that create the thicker towels.  

It is our aim to help save this art and provide our clients with a best towel they can find in the world.