Picture of Jennifer of Jennifer's Hamam
December 29, 2017

ARTICLE - JENNIFER's HAMAM Saving a Vanishing Art Form

Excerpt from article:
" ... 'I fell like I'm hugging my mother", cooed a Serbian friend wrapped in one of Jennifer's soft, cotton pestamels. The three-story showroom was a treat fro her senses. Her eyes took in colourful stacks of meticulously folded textiles. Her nose detected the delicate scent of olive-oil-based soaps mixed with ingredients like bay laurel, jasmine, fig, and Moroccan argan. Her fingers touched the rough texture of exfoliating kese mitts that are woven from tree bark or silk with goat hair. Custom-made robes and tunics can be made from the towels allowing clients to surround themselves with these sensations all day long. ..."

Full article available here

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