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July 5, 2018

ARTICLE - The Lost Turkish Art of Handwoven Towels - Jennifer's Hamam

Excerpt from article:
"..... Somewhere in Asia Minor 27,000 years ago, people began flat weaving textiles.

During the Turkish Ottoman Empire, craftspeople applied their exquisites loop technique and revolutionized what a towel was.

When done on a shuttle loom, the towel’s structure is strong, and it can last for decades.

For hundreds of years, Turkish mothers held the tradition of shuttle weaving and taught their sons and daughters.

The sons went on to weave on looms that produced luxurious towels for buyers across the globe. The thick, looped towels were woven from the threads spun from natural fibers such as linen, cotton and silk.

The daughters went on to become mothers and once again teachers of the handwoven art. ...."

Full article available here

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