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August 15, 2012

Our Third Shop - Now open!!

What a wonderful year it's been and how much we've grown thanks to all of our amazing clients and their support of the dying art of weaving. We know it's been really hard at busy times to get into our first two shops, so we've open a third. Each shop has different designs and is waiting for you to explore.

We pride ourselves on our well-trained, polite staff, who will educate you about why we're unique and how the pieces are made. Please remember that we have fixed prices.

The new location is the largest of the three and we think you'll love all the new pestamel and towel designs we've added to the collection. As always, Jennifer herself has purchased all the threads and is only working with natural fibres, such as GOTS certified organic Turkish cotton, the best quality linen, and silk from our amazing family that does the entire process themselves.

The new location is just a 3 minute walk from the original shop located at the other end of the ARASTA BAZAAR, No. 125, Sultanahmet, Istanbul. All three shops have a big Canadian flag in the window and are open 8:30am – 9pm during the high season. Be sure to visit when you’re in the area; Jennifer and the team are looking forward to your visit.

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